Fun with friends workshops!

Are you interested in plant-based eating but don’t know where to start?  Host a group workshop for 4-10 people in your home and I’ll give you all the tools to get you started.  We’ll talk about nutrition, give you reasons why plants are so vital for your health, give you tips for incorporating more of those plants into your daily life and, most importantly, taste delicious food (recipes included).


Customize your workshop to make it what you want.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Plant based eating basics
  • Robust breakfasts
  • School lunch options to keep your kids away from the nuggets
  • Healthy snacks to keep cravings away
  • Dinners you can’t wait to eat
  • Delicious desserts you won’t feel guilty about

Prices start at $20/person depending on the workshop and include samples of delicious food, tips for no/low oil plant-based cooking, recipes for food tasted plus more to try at home, nutrition tips and experiences from my family’s years of living this lifestyle.