Makeover plus planning

If you’re a woman, have you ever had a makeup lesson at one of the counters in the mall?  I have.  I love the look, I buy the makeup but then don’t know how to recreate the look.   So frustrating!  Do you have a new, healthy face on your kitchen but don’t know how to devise meals that get you to your goals?  If you want more guidance on how to use your newly revamped kitchen we’ll sit down together and create a week’s worth meals that you and family will enjoy eating and will also further your progress.


  • all of the kitchen makeover plus:
  • we’ll sit down and create 7 days of meals for you and your family, taking into consideration allergies, dislikes and restrictions.
  • We’ll discuss principles of nutrient density to help you branch out beyond the meals we create.

COST: $150

TIME: about 2 hours