Starting out…

Midway through week one of being committed to this goal.  Things are…decent, I’d say.  I weighed in at 130.6 on Sunday and I’m reasonably okay with that since my exercise since breaking my ankle has been next to nil.  My previous post I talked about going balls to the wall and I don’t think I’ve done that.  What I have done is become way more aware about what I’m putting in my mouth and I’ve started really focusing on it in a way I haven’t done before.  My snacking is down,  and I’ve been planning my meals more.  I talked about not bringing junk home but sure enough, a couple nights ago I bought cookies “for the girls”.  They do end up eating them but if I’m being completely honest, they were for me.  I was able to refrain though, which I was happy about.  I have had a couple (3 ) small tastes but no full cookie.  What I’m planning on is seeing if this hyper awareness translates to a loss on the scale.  If it doesn’t, then I’ll know I need to get even more focused. What will be something to look at is: why did I need to buy the junk in the first place?  Am I that much a slave to my taste buds?  Is it a sense of missing out?


I’ve started an “Intention Wheel which I bought here and I’ve been using it to do things that are good for my health and weight loss.  I have things like drinking water (48 oz which isn’t a ton but it’s a big step up for me), pushups, planks and no added sugar.  I’m trying to create habits that will translate to improved health.  The exercise bits are laughable but I’ve gotten out of the habit so badly, I need to start somewhere.  My broken ankle is a deterrent but I know many people who would still be in the gym doing upper body weights. That’s going to be me but I need to make room for it in my life.



So, I promised pictures last time, didn’t I?  This was the picture that kind of did it for me.



We went up to a friend’s house at Sandpoint and we swam and SUP’d and kayaked.  I had a great time but I wasn’t thrilled about being in a swimsuit.  I wasn’t about to let my discomfort ruin the time with my girls but once I saw this picture I knew things needed to change.  Despite fitting into my clothes, albeit not in the way I’d like, I’d gotten….heavy.  Not compared to some but that had been my out, that no matter how I looked, there were others who looked worse heavier than I did and so I made excuses.

As a comparison, here’s a few from when we got married:


I definitely felt more comfortable in my skin in those and that’s what I’m trying to get back to.  Hasta la vista for now!








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