A little disjointed…

Okay, 2 weeks in and this week I was down 0.8!  I don’t know if my commitment to no added sugar helped but it sure didn’t hurt.  Man, it was tough those first 2 days.  I had to be really, really conscious of my actions and even actively make myself not eat something, which shows me that I was being mindless way more than I had thought.  I also feel like my overall eating mindlessly decreased along with it which probably helped.  It’s interesting though, as I got on the scale, I was nervous; I wasn’t sure I was going to see a change which tells me I still have work to do in the eating department.  I have a conference in a week which serves a TON of delicious plant based food so that week is going to be a challenge.  I’m going to strategize how to succeed during that week. Until I go there, I’m going to keep on not eating added sugar.  I’m already feeling tentative on that goal but I think if I just keep with the momentum it’ll get easier.  It also makes me plan more because I can’t just pop a Clif bar if I want to, I have to have something more healthy, either before or in the car for “emergencies”.


This got tabled as our week got cray-cray!  I’m picking this up fully 2 weeks later.  I lost 0.2 last week and am heading into a weigh in tomorrow.  Pretty sure there’ll be a gain.  The food was amazing at the conference and I just ate way too much of it.  I did get some exercise in which was good but probably not enough to counter all that yummy plant based goodness.

So now I’m here with a renewed commitment to be in this for the long haul.  0.2 pounds is ridiculous but it is a loss and I’m going to take it.  I’ll deal with whatever gain I had and go from there.  What I do need to do is come up with a stronger game plan.  I like keeping with the no added sugar aspect.  I think that helped because I am most definitely addicted to sugar.    Of course, the tabs on my computer are all pretty much recipes I’ve been looking at and most of them are sweets.

Goal for this weight loss journey, November edition:  No added sugar in my food (basically I’m meaning no sweets) until we leave for Seattle.  I might be able to do it through Seattle but I’m making some pie for Thanksgiving.  And if I make it, Imma gonna eat it!  So, this goal will help because if I can be down 2 pounds by then (which is totally doable) then I won’t feel like I’m going in the holidays behind the 8 ball.

Second goal November:  lose 2 pounds (from 129, not from whatever weight I’m going to see tomorrow) by the time we leave for Seattle.  This may take some real effort, especially if tomorrow is ugly.  I’ll be back soon to talk about what steps I’m going to take.


“Success is a decision”


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