One day at at time! 11/10/17

Didn’t kick the Starbucks.  Kept coming up with excuses why I *ahem* needed to go get one when it really was just habit and laziness.  Yesterday I got irritated and decided I was going to  do without, so I did.  And then I did it again today.  I need to keep this roll going. I’m starting work after over 2 months off and I usually get a coffee on the way to work.  I am going to make a cup and take it with me so I don’t break my “streak”.

One reason I didn’t quit was that I lost weight, despite having one almost every day.  I went back down 0.6 pounds.  I have to think though, is it worth it?  It’s expensive, it’s definitely not helping my goals and it really doesn’t fit with the mindset I say I want to have.

This week has been pretty good, extra coffees notwithstanding.  I had almost no prepared foods, no added sugar and tried to do really well with the meal plans.  Tomorrow is a weigh day so we’ll see how it manifested.


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